Friday, 28 March 2008

Hair dressing challenge.

Here is one I'm not entering into the Carrara Hair competition - it ends today by the way.

I'm not sure if I have explained why I'm not sharing my competition entries for the hair competition - its mainly because I'm not allowed to - it's part of the rules. The prize is quite major on this one so I'm not going to mess with them there rules.

I may have time this evening to correct a black eye problem on one of my final renders for my second hair and then I appear to already be considering the next challenge.

Which goes like this.

I want to see a comic strip showing what a day at DAZ3D is like! It is meant to be funny so feel free to interpret that however you want :O) For inspiration I would look up an artist named Flak (I believe his art is only at Rendo ATM) but he has done some hysterical scenes on this theme and I thought I comic on it by you all would be too too funny and give the people at DAZ3D a good giggle after a long days work :O) You can illustrate anything from comedic things that happen while developing DAZ Studio to Launching the new ArtZone...pretty much anything you would like to poke fun at.


1. The Comic Strip has to be atleast 4 Panels but can be longer if you like.
2. It Must stick with the general theme
3. Be sure it is something you could actually see in a newspaper so no profanity or nudity. Inferred is ok and you can use characters for profanity like $#*& etc LOL
4. Entires can be in either Black & White or in Full Color...your choice.
5. Can be done in any medium...2D or 3D
6. Because these could get to be larger files, if your image is larger then the forum can take please PM me and I'll put them on my server and give you a link you can post for your entry so you guys can have more freedom
7. All Entires must be in no later then Saturday, April 12th at 5p.m. MST (GMT -7 DST)

However I do seem to be getting bogged down in this one -- making it a lot bigger than perhaps it need to be and it will take a lot of time. Mind you if I start working with Vue again I might get a bit more done as it doesn't make my machine drag as much so I can multi task.

I have in the last week become a moderator on a group at artzone - a Vue 6 group

This is at

Membership for the group is steadily growing and we have some great members who are good artists and who are helpful. I feel privileged and warm just being part of it.

Mind you those gushy feelings could be just left over exhaustion from pushing myself to work all night on my hair entry for Carrara.

I probably need more sleep - but mangaged to find a pic of me in the office.

Ha - oh I fought a moment like that yesterday.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Easter Snow Bunny

It snowed on Easter Sunday

Blurt and Blue made the most of it and tried their hand at some modelling.

This reminds me I need to go and download the latest version of hexagon and start using it. Blue said he wanted to try it - it may stop me totally slipping off into another world without him!

I'll keep you posted on how that goes.

Saturday, 22 March 2008

My easter slightly messed up by trip to casualty

I had intended to set off super early for work on Good Friday - so I could get in and get out home again as early as possible. This was going to consist of a drive in at 4am after walking the dog. However my gall bladder was against the idea and I had a terrible night of quite irksome pain so I had to get friends up to take molly in and I had to get Blue up to take me to hospital - the doctors after poking me said they needed to admit me. So I stayed the rest of the morning at the hospital but when I realised that no treatment other than not eating was on the absent menu due to the Easter holidays I discharged myself Friday nigh to play computer games and be spoilt at home. Anyway I survived that and now I will need to get to my doctors this week and sort out some scans and things for gall stones. So today I am again messing with hair in Carrara - I am playing with gravity at the moment. The way I have done it seems particularly slow - probably doing it wrong - but it did give me this chance to write a little here. I have submitted my first competition entry for hair but I may go back and improve on it. See how gravity and so on takes me.

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Illustration for a short story - Competition at Artzone

Click on the image for a close look.

The Easter Bunny is outside the office - chatting up school girls.

The Easter Bunny was up early in the North East of England. In fact he
was stood outside of his car on his mobile for sometime and then had
some animated chat and giggles with 2 schoolgirls - of the more senior

I may have an Easter pic coming on!

I entered the Bunny Tale Competition for the second satge - illustration
on Tuesday Night - well dawn - Well just before dawn on Wednesday
evening to be precise - I'll put the picture in later. It turned out fluffy!

Monday, 17 March 2008

The meeting with ooh Betty and mind owner went well.

Betty was introduced to the person she was created for over dinner.

That actually sounds quite romantic - however it was more like Betty was
laminated in the office and passed on to the birthday boy over a burger
at TGI Fridays in Stockton on Tees.

I heard over the weekend that they got on OK and Birthday Boy's friends
liked Betty too. So that was successful I think. I do need to get some
more prints done of her and get them distributed. I would like to
develop the Ooh Betty Collection a bit more I think and that could be fun.

This weekend has been exhausting as we ditched the TV and two large
sofas out of the lounge and turned it into a doing room. My daughter
appears to be taking it all very well and even helped. She and my
boyfriend were both delighted to have masses of space to put down train
tracks - and the dog got in the middle he seemimgly also recovering
rapidly from the loss of his own sofa.

I made a bit of headway with the digital hairdressing last night and I
think I am grasping some of the concepts.

However I am not exactly following what some of the tutorials suggest
but at this stage I believe that may be to my advantage because I can
actually mix and match parts of my hair dos which could make quite an
interesting product and follow up add ons both in textures and styles.

Anyway I have just slugged down some caffeine in a green tea mix which
hopefully will stop me slumping over my desk and snoring while at work.
Never good - especially if you hit the keyboard because when the buffer
fills up it squeaks! Very alarming.

Friday, 14 March 2008

Ooh Betty Day

I'm up early today! It's the day that Ooh Betty meets her real owner. Sort of nervous that they won't get on.

I'll let you know how that goes on when I get home - I should hopefully be getting home early too which means I may get the opportunity to do some hairdressing.

I had a look at some hairdressing sites quite helpful but I think I will end up making something up.

Monday, 10 March 2008

Vince The Luuurve Hamster

I don't get out much to shop so I have opened my own store online and evryday have a good rummage through it. Todays favourite item is Vince - I am in the mind of all thing hamsteresque at the moment with Robbie our own hamster moving in. Take a look at Vince If a colleague had one of those at your office would you love it and squeeze it - or would you kick it and squish it?

I have submitted my story to the competition.

I completed my short story for the Artzone competition group on the way home from work. i typed it up and have entered it which gets that out of the way now. I now need to get back on with playing with hair dos and I also must not neglect Betty as she is due to be delivered to her mind creator on Saturday - gosh time flies!

My hair for heads is not doing spectalularly well although I am kind of getting the hang of it. I aim to be a Carrara hairstyling queen and no doubt my stubborness will render me at least adequate in the skill. However whether that is going to be soon enough for competition entry at the end of this month then I am unable to tell.

But just so we can establish that I am still week then take a look at the picture here - poor old Vicky is far too polite to say it stinks!

I started a renderosity gallery last night.

I do actually spend a considerable amount of time over at the Renderosity site and I have a profile set up so I thought I should get started in putting together a gallery on that site. I started off with this one late last night. Views of work appear to be high on this site so far. Comments not so forth coming so far.

Ooh Betty! I like the fur!

ooh betty I like the fur

it can be viewed at My Gallery started at Renderosity

Feel free to leave comments here or at any of the galleries I enter pictures to.

I am writing a story for a competition

I used the commuting time this morning to make a start on a small story
that I am putting together for the Easter Competition at Artzone
<>. It's a rabbit theme in the competition and it
is in 2 parts - a story and an illustration. 3 stories I believe are to
be picked from the first part and will then be used for the illustration
part of the competition.

It didn't take long to come up with the concept and the story telling
seemd to be flowing OK this morning - infact I enjoyed myself a lot. I
should finish the first draft this evening on the commute home ( I don't
do the driving) and then all that is required is to fill in the blanks
where the names of the characters need to go - I thought I'd leave that
until I got to know them and then choose the right names.

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Ooh Betty Portrait

I waited quite impatiently yesterday for Betty to have her portrait render done.

Here she is.

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Ooh Betty went to Carrara

Betty ended up having an outfit made for her in Carrara last night

Ooh Betty you are furtastic!

I have added this to my gallery at Artzone.

Please feel free to leave a comment here or at the gallery.

I am becoming more comfortable using Carrara now after working with betty and the little doggy and I am hoping this will help when I try and put a hair do together.

Just waiting for a portrait of Betty to render - also in Carrara.

Friday, 7 March 2008

Vicky in the hairdressers chair

I managed to get Vicky into the Carrara hairdressing chair last night. In fact I walked in from work approached the PC and then realised at 8.30pm 3 hours later that I hadn't even taken my coat off.

Well it is really bugging me that I can't really share what I'm doing as I am not supposed to publish the things that are going to go to competition. Mid you I am sure the poor girl won't be wanting to go anywhere the way she looks now.

In fact she already looks like she has had a good night already -- if you get my drift.

Anyway I have set up the basics and saved a lot and now I need to have a look for some hairdos on line to see what I could pull off. I need to work towards a look I doubt just attacking the poor grl with a brush and a pair of digital scissors is going to work - god forbid she could end up looking like me!

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Carrara Hair practice - continues

It is getting late and I have had a jumpy leg for the last 3 hours but I did push on in order to complete the task at hand.
This first image is a Toon Dog rendered in Carrara
Cute and a perfectly acceptable wee fella.

I put a bit of work in and he now look like this.

and this

and last but not least

Right that's it now - I best go feed the hamster and get some sleep.

good night.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

need to retire - but not taking this big teddy thing with me.

Wow - Fluffy troll! - he would be just mint for warming my feet on - and they are going to get worse as I need to head out with the dog and its all frosty and it has just gone midnight.

Troll features here needs a trim on his face - perhaps that is why he looks so cross! I'll see if I can do that for him tomorrow. Good night.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

A bit of a do and it has to be done in Carrara

OK - Guess what this is! - This is the evidence that I am on another push to develop my skills. late autumn I did buy Carrara 6 but never really got round to using it because of the combination of a broken PC and then I had Vue delived which at the time suited the way I worked. Vue has not stopped suiting my needs however that should not mean that I do not learn how to use a tool that I own - so that is what the monstrous thing above is.

I noticed today in the competition group on artzone that there is a new competition called hair today and gone tomorrow and it is all about making a lovely 'do! And doing the do in Carrara. Now above is what I made in my first 20 minutes - this is not just my first 20 minutes using the hair room but pretty much my first dedicated 20 minutes in Carrara - so all inall I am pleased with this.

Yes its a shocking messy mop of curly mousy brown hair - but guess what if I had added a few bits of grey I could find anyone who knowe me to testify that it is not far of my own hair!

Of course my facial features are not quite so plain!

Hey look at this -- this is the year I cut it myself and I am a bit cock eyed!

Rabbits Too!

I had a conversation at work yesterday about rabbits (all about fur and meat) and then went home and did some rather bizarre things to one in my runtime! I'll hopefully be able to reveal a bit more about that tonight!

Monday, 3 March 2008

Ooh Betty! Moonbathing?

I have been a bit poorly ill this weekend so haven't got much done - did manage to get this done though. I have been expierimenting with some small cute furry friends too - I'll upload those whne I have them in any workable state. Hope you have had a good weekend.

Betty has been posted to the gallery at theis address