Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Free stencils for Artrage

I have a set of free stencils starting tonight and 10 more lots too. I uploaded some free stencils the other week if you scroll down you should find them. I made this batch with filterforge this is a filter I have made and haven't submitted to join the nearly six thousand that are on there yet. I'll be doing that later this week. So if you are user you can access that directly. This one filter alone can now create hundreds of thousand thousands of unique files. (Not kidding) Imagine what 6000 premade filters with that power could do to your creativity and then add in that you can start to develop your own like I do! There is a sale on at Filterforge at the moment but it was the Christmas or Holiday sale and will end in 4 days time - (maybe 3 not sure about time zones). I'd be lost without my Filter Forger, it it is fun and an amazingly useful tool. Anyway -- what about those free stencils for Artrage! Well here they are. if you get stuck using them I'll knock up a training session for you -- just put a request in on the comments. And Yeah that can be a training session on filterforge or Artrage or both I guess. By the way these are just .png files right click on them and download them -- you have my blessing - go and create. I'm making hills and skys tonight to upload tomorrow. Blurt loves using them to make landscapes. I'm a fan too.!

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