Friday, 26 September 2014

Here's looking at you kid - Eyes from Filter Forge

The Eyes have it. Feel free to download any of these eyes if you can use them in your own work - they are in .jpg format and are on a white square of 300px. I will be making some in .png and .svg for the site over the coming days so there will also be an opportunity to buy more eyes if they are your thing.

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I am a huge fan of Filter Forge and I have blogged on this subject a number of times, in fact I used to run a dedicated blog on the subject but now I spend too much time actually using it to dedicate my time to blogging on the subject all the time. Having said that I'd like to boost my Make Snake Policy over at Project Isabella Graphic Workshop by adding the odd post or two regarding some of the creation processes that I go through to develop characters, clipart and graphics.

So last week I put a lot of hard work into developing little characters with walk motions for Scratch and other programming tools and I'll be going into more detail about that next week but I needed some eyes. So this is an ideal opportunity to get searching the Filter Forge Library (not that I need an excuse!) and see what I could find. This filter at the moment strikes me as the most suitable. It is a filter called Cartoon Eyes by Redcap submitted in 2009 and I will no doubt be giving it some hammering over the weekend. I did tweak the original and removed an option called "Diminish Eye Size" as I didn't need my eyes diminished. Keep an Eye (oops a pun) on the Filter Forge website at the moment they keep having absolutely mad sale reductions on the price of the software which can be bought outright or as a subscription.

Next week I'll let put together a post on how these eyes get used.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Stegosaurus in the night with moon and stars


Having recently sold a stegosaurus hat on Zazzle I was actually really pleased and flattered as there are some great designs by some other folk on there in the same theme and I thought I'd spend a bit of time sharing those too.

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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Alice In The Maze - Scratch Project

I have been testing out a new character with animated poses - a little preview of Alice here at Scratch

Alice is a vivacious blonde that has been developed with a swinging walk and a lively run. She has a number of outfits that are bright and some of them work to a defined palette to make your design processes smoother. These will be added to Project Isabella Graphic Workshop next week.

introducing alice

Change My Name

Although I can hardly say

Everywhere I went people knew my name
Written on my face were the scars of fame

quote Trading Yesterday - Change My Name


I did think it was maybe time to change the blogs name to something that suited me and the thing I get up to a little better.

So "Impromptu Art" has now been renamed "The Secret Life of a Lollipop Lady" where I get to describe all the things I get up to creatively to learn and develop my business Project Isabella Graphic Workshop 

I have some posts lined up regarding activities on Scratch the fun I am still having with Filter Forge and Carrara and all this to proof to the new small children at the crossing that I don't actually stand there all day!