Saturday, 13 March 2010

I need to send some old work to deviantART

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New Super Group created at deviantART – dedicated to works of art using Filter Forge

I have the pleasure today of announcing that last night saw the full opening of a new super group in deviantART #Filter_Forge-Frenzy.

Work is being submitted to the group as I type and it will be sorted. Why not pay a visit or if you use deviantART then pop in and say hello and join the group as a member.

This site will collaborate with the feeds and work collections of art will be posted on a regular basis.

A new group at deviantART

New Art Group created at ArtZone dedicated to Filter Forge

It was my pleasure today to begin a new blog, discussion forum and art submission at Artzone.

I’ll be looking forward in the next week in finding members to frequent it.

Take a look now

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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Devilishly good having Vue back

I had forgotten how much joy there was using Vue – and it has been really good to have it reinstalled after computer mayhem. It has been put to good use at where I have being working a lot with Filter Forge and Vue to get some content together and to generally enjoy and recreate.
Devilishly good