Friday, 28 March 2008

Hair dressing challenge.

Here is one I'm not entering into the Carrara Hair competition - it ends today by the way.

I'm not sure if I have explained why I'm not sharing my competition entries for the hair competition - its mainly because I'm not allowed to - it's part of the rules. The prize is quite major on this one so I'm not going to mess with them there rules.

I may have time this evening to correct a black eye problem on one of my final renders for my second hair and then I appear to already be considering the next challenge.

Which goes like this.

I want to see a comic strip showing what a day at DAZ3D is like! It is meant to be funny so feel free to interpret that however you want :O) For inspiration I would look up an artist named Flak (I believe his art is only at Rendo ATM) but he has done some hysterical scenes on this theme and I thought I comic on it by you all would be too too funny and give the people at DAZ3D a good giggle after a long days work :O) You can illustrate anything from comedic things that happen while developing DAZ Studio to Launching the new ArtZone...pretty much anything you would like to poke fun at.


1. The Comic Strip has to be atleast 4 Panels but can be longer if you like.
2. It Must stick with the general theme
3. Be sure it is something you could actually see in a newspaper so no profanity or nudity. Inferred is ok and you can use characters for profanity like $#*& etc LOL
4. Entires can be in either Black & White or in Full Color...your choice.
5. Can be done in any medium...2D or 3D
6. Because these could get to be larger files, if your image is larger then the forum can take please PM me and I'll put them on my server and give you a link you can post for your entry so you guys can have more freedom
7. All Entires must be in no later then Saturday, April 12th at 5p.m. MST (GMT -7 DST)

However I do seem to be getting bogged down in this one -- making it a lot bigger than perhaps it need to be and it will take a lot of time. Mind you if I start working with Vue again I might get a bit more done as it doesn't make my machine drag as much so I can multi task.

I have in the last week become a moderator on a group at artzone - a Vue 6 group

This is at

Membership for the group is steadily growing and we have some great members who are good artists and who are helpful. I feel privileged and warm just being part of it.

Mind you those gushy feelings could be just left over exhaustion from pushing myself to work all night on my hair entry for Carrara.

I probably need more sleep - but mangaged to find a pic of me in the office.

Ha - oh I fought a moment like that yesterday.