Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Mybloglog and Senator Kay Patterson

Just sorting out mybloglog stuff been at it in little dribs and drabs for some time -- not really sure if it's all worth it - but hey ho! By the way I am Kay Patterson an English Artist aka Blurtsmum and Document Controller - (musn't let your document be unruly - no no no) - I'm not senator Kay Patterson - my hair is bigger and badder than hers! Undergoing MyBlogLog Verification

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Seem to have fought all the disaster monkeys that were headed my way

Time has flown with it all being so hectic and so horrid. When you actually don't know whther you can feed and house your family for another month it becomes wildly stressful. It can also be mindnumbingly tedious when applying for jobs almost enough to strike you mad! Anyway, for now I have some respite at least - I went into hospital on Monday and was operated on sucessfully and came out with a few holes on Tuesday with instructions to rest severely for 2 weeks - That of course under present circumstances actually meant strapping down the stitches braising myself and starting the new job today. Today I started my new job - It was great actually I enjoyed it a lot, the offices are very pleasant and the commute not as harsh as the previous 47 miles. More importantly though the work is great and I am really excited about the post they are putting together for me. Really pleasant bunch of Designers and Project Managers to look after who all seem intelligent and dedicated -- it's been a happy first day. I am also pleased to have stayed in the Construction for Rail sector with a company who appear to take their standards and porcedures seriously - I may even knock up a picture of celebration this evening to counterbalance the grief of losing Ford earlier in the month. Hope none of us eat too much before pay day. Blurt seems to have really picked up on the stress and pressure and I don't think the last month has done her much good - hopefully we can start putting things back together and help her too. I doubt employers think of the damage they do when they jot out a three line letter that collapses your family and their hopes of having a normal financial existence. It's going to take over a year to put back together the mess caused by my dismissal last month - what a farce! But I guess we will push on and get by eventually but sometimes it's hard and I mean real hard to keep on going and going. I'll find it hard to forget that when I had to let Ford go I couldn't pay for the way we would had chosen to deal with his death -- I still find that difficult to cope with but and thats on top of missing him - I guess I'll have to get over that though or else become a bitter twisted crone - I have no shoes to go with the bitter twisted crone look so I will stick the way I am for now. Well that is a little more verbose entry than I have had for some time and I am going to take a drink to a brighter year coming!

Friday, 11 July 2008

Eye management for 3D Work

3D Graphics Can Geometrically Guide Your Attention from PhysOrg.com
(PhysOrg.com) -- When you gaze at a painting, the first thing that catches your eye is usually not an accident. Since the beginning of art, painters have used strategic techniques to guide a viewer’s attention through a scene. Still to this day, researchers are investigating ways to persuade attention with the latest technology.

It's been a tough tough week

It really has been -- I have had everyone I distributed my CV to go silent which is sort of soul destroying worrying and annoying all at the same time -- I thought of rebranding it as a method to cease communication - could have been handy - but then the responses started happening and now I have a further inteview for a place I had a look around on Wednesday so that is good -- and apparently they looked at the CV too - so I don't have to worry about them finding that and then going silent on me! However yesterday was probably the worst day I have had for at least a decade - Hound -- my Ford dog had to be put down and I miss him so much. He was pretty well and active all the way up until Wednesday night - even though he was getting old and quite slow. We took him for his photos in a dog photo competition last Sunday and we have to go back and choose the photos to go through to the competition this Sunday and buy any we want -- I'll put a pic up soon of him because he was truly a fabulous friend and dog and I have many happy memories of him. Sadly though today I still feel a bit shook up and empty but I must press on so I will go and iron my clothes and put some makeup on so I can face an interview properly. I have a picture I have been working on called sadness - at this stage it looks like the one I put in up there.