Saturday, 31 January 2009

A little bit arty with artrage stencil give away

In this session of free artrage stencils I'm moving for one night away from the landscaping and the organics to a more arty feel. Don't forget that you can resize, tilt and flip these stencils and sometimes it is interesting to place them on top of one another for further designs. Have fun with colour and use your layers well. Let me know if you produce anything with them I'd love to see some of your works. Tomorrow I'm going to take a look at some heavenly bodies!

Friday, 30 January 2009

A quick play with new free artrage stencils

Just had a play with the new stencils and filter forge and it has become quite clear that some flocks of birds in stencils would be handy! Here is my very quick doodle. Go on have a go.

stylish winter trees - artrage stencils free

So here is the third part of stenciled landscapes I guess. We have had some smooth rolling hills that you can build up in layers - a variety of skies to use and now for some winter trees -- I do have some more realistic trees I set up as Artrage stencils and an example of those was put out a week or so back (scroll down or flick through the categories or archives and you should unearth those) -- but today I quite like these. These I made today using a snippet filter on filter forge which is on it's last day of sale today - but if you miss it and you are reading this tomorrow or later than you should give the fully functional trial version a go. It is really useful and a LOT of fun. Filter forge is marketed as a Photoshop plugin but it works in Paint Shop Pro too and it also runs stand alone so if you don't have either then still try it. I use mine most of the time as a stand alone program and I use if joyfully everyday. I gave away some shapes the other day as stencils - some of those may make flowers. I think tomorrow we may move on to a whole new look entirely. I hope you have something fun planned for the weekend. Let me know if you try any of the stencils or you wnat any tips with filter forge if you give that a go.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

The Sky is the Limit - artrage filters for free

Just had a bit of a nightmare changing my blogger template but nearly knocked it into shape now. I have lost some of my gadgets but it is good to have a clear out and have the fun of adding them in again! In the meantime I have some sky stencils that you can use in artrage these are easy to use to get them off the blog simply right click and either put them straight into your artrage stencil area or enter the stencil area and add them from th folder you left them in. These are .png files. Feel free to use them for art privately or commercially but please do not give them away or sell them -- I did make then and I made them so people come and get to know me and some of the things I do and so they can share that - if you want to generous then send them here - or make something of your own and give it away. I'd love to know if anyone has used these - Blurt regularly ises and tests my filters -- she is 3 - nearly 4 and can use most features of artrage un assisted -- she is very fond of stencils -- and likes to make the glitter multi coloured. If this is the first time you have read this blog -- it isn't always about srtrage or about free things - I am having fun at the moment though with it -- do join in. Don't forget that you can flip, rotate, resize and invert artrage stencils and put them on top of each other - very flexible.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Hills for making curvy landscape - free stencils for artrage.

OK! It's hill night tonight - and I'll sort the skys to go on tomorrow. I have a few basic hills which Blurt really loves using - they are quite not at all realistic but they do creates good effects. Don't forget that each one can be flipped horizontally or turned upside down and inverted to multiply their use. Try layering them and sizing them up or down to get different looks.. Blurt used them as a sea scape once and as a snow scene - they actually looked really good on a snowy scene, the smoothness really helped. Please forgive my rather garbled English tonight I am amazingly tired and the exhaustion appears to be attacking my language and typing centre first. Here are the hills. I'll knock out some more realistic ones at the weekend -- you know craggy and all that but for now here are good round comfortable smooth hills. Like pillows and duvets -- zzz Oops.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Free stencils for Artrage

I have a set of free stencils starting tonight and 10 more lots too. I uploaded some free stencils the other week if you scroll down you should find them. I made this batch with filterforge this is a filter I have made and haven't submitted to join the nearly six thousand that are on there yet. I'll be doing that later this week. So if you are user you can access that directly. This one filter alone can now create hundreds of thousand thousands of unique files. (Not kidding) Imagine what 6000 premade filters with that power could do to your creativity and then add in that you can start to develop your own like I do! There is a sale on at Filterforge at the moment but it was the Christmas or Holiday sale and will end in 4 days time - (maybe 3 not sure about time zones). I'd be lost without my Filter Forger, it it is fun and an amazingly useful tool. Anyway -- what about those free stencils for Artrage! Well here they are. if you get stuck using them I'll knock up a training session for you -- just put a request in on the comments. And Yeah that can be a training session on filterforge or Artrage or both I guess. By the way these are just .png files right click on them and download them -- you have my blessing - go and create. I'm making hills and skys tonight to upload tomorrow. Blurt loves using them to make landscapes. I'm a fan too.!

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Monday, 26 January 2009

My Hair just never grows long

Blurt's hair is already longer than mine has ever been and she is only nearly 4! Hardly fair! I may make up for it by giving my characters some outstanding locks of their own -- and it the price this is today and tomorrow then you can hardly blame me. Go take a look at this Evangelique

Monday, 5 January 2009

Sister of Sin -- pretty hard to resist - so hard indeed I doubt I will be!

Look at these - I think they are yummy! I will be using these and there is an add on pack too. Nice product actually because it comes with a lighting pack and poses that is a rather tasty offer. If i make something with these I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Artrage Stencils Free - 70s Wiggle Patterns

Pattern making can be awesome therapy in fact if you check out my yellow and green collection at http://redbubble/people/blurtsmum I self prescribed some intense pattern making. I've incuded a preview up above of Joy Burst
So with patterns on my mind I thought I'd set up a few free pattern stencils for you to download.
That's them below - I call them my 70s wiggle patterns

Today I am going to be giving away Free artrage stencils.

And shall probably carry on doing so for quite some time.
For those of you who don't know artrage is a lovely focused painting software that is deliciously affordable. You can download a free version which has enough to use and enough not available without paying to entice you to part with some hard earned money and upgrade.
I love artrage and Blurt adores it we often sit side by side at our PCs merrily digital painting. Blue does real painting with her so she gets the best of both.
Stencils are fab and it does come with a great selection but it is always good to have more.
So here we start with some free trees right click on the trees and download - put them in the resource stencil area of your Ambient Design Program install and away you go.
Here is a tree I painted using this stencil.  Don't forget you can flip the tree to add a bit more variety. I might do some more of these.
Wax crayons - sweet and so simple.
Please leave a comment if you download and use.  Have Fun! 

Saturday, 3 January 2009

I particularly resent being rather poor right now

Yes it's that time when your favourite software gets better - actually in very cheap way but you have no money at all! Agggghh!

Sincerely bad blogger I never did say how I did the knitting

Filter Forge - an advanced Photoshop plugin The knitting was done using Filter Forge Blurt and I love playing with it. Of course it's not all really for fun even if it feels that way and it is one of my most valuable tools for creating textures and patterns or for adding effects to pictures and photos. The great thing is you can try the full version for free for a month and I think their holiday discount started early and hasn't finished yet. You can find all the filters I have submitted in the blurtsmum account.