Friday, 7 March 2008

Vicky in the hairdressers chair

I managed to get Vicky into the Carrara hairdressing chair last night. In fact I walked in from work approached the PC and then realised at 8.30pm 3 hours later that I hadn't even taken my coat off.

Well it is really bugging me that I can't really share what I'm doing as I am not supposed to publish the things that are going to go to competition. Mid you I am sure the poor girl won't be wanting to go anywhere the way she looks now.

In fact she already looks like she has had a good night already -- if you get my drift.

Anyway I have set up the basics and saved a lot and now I need to have a look for some hairdos on line to see what I could pull off. I need to work towards a look I doubt just attacking the poor grl with a brush and a pair of digital scissors is going to work - god forbid she could end up looking like me!