Monday, 17 March 2008

The meeting with ooh Betty and mind owner went well.

Betty was introduced to the person she was created for over dinner.

That actually sounds quite romantic - however it was more like Betty was
laminated in the office and passed on to the birthday boy over a burger
at TGI Fridays in Stockton on Tees.

I heard over the weekend that they got on OK and Birthday Boy's friends
liked Betty too. So that was successful I think. I do need to get some
more prints done of her and get them distributed. I would like to
develop the Ooh Betty Collection a bit more I think and that could be fun.

This weekend has been exhausting as we ditched the TV and two large
sofas out of the lounge and turned it into a doing room. My daughter
appears to be taking it all very well and even helped. She and my
boyfriend were both delighted to have masses of space to put down train
tracks - and the dog got in the middle he seemimgly also recovering
rapidly from the loss of his own sofa.

I made a bit of headway with the digital hairdressing last night and I
think I am grasping some of the concepts.

However I am not exactly following what some of the tutorials suggest
but at this stage I believe that may be to my advantage because I can
actually mix and match parts of my hair dos which could make quite an
interesting product and follow up add ons both in textures and styles.

Anyway I have just slugged down some caffeine in a green tea mix which
hopefully will stop me slumping over my desk and snoring while at work.
Never good - especially if you hit the keyboard because when the buffer
fills up it squeaks! Very alarming.