Tuesday, 4 March 2008

A bit of a do and it has to be done in Carrara

OK - Guess what this is! - This is the evidence that I am on another push to develop my skills. late autumn I did buy Carrara 6 but never really got round to using it because of the combination of a broken PC and then I had Vue delived which at the time suited the way I worked. Vue has not stopped suiting my needs however that should not mean that I do not learn how to use a tool that I own - so that is what the monstrous thing above is.

I noticed today in the competition group on artzone that there is a new competition called hair today and gone tomorrow and it is all about making a lovely 'do! And doing the do in Carrara. Now above is what I made in my first 20 minutes - this is not just my first 20 minutes using the hair room but pretty much my first dedicated 20 minutes in Carrara - so all inall I am pleased with this.

Yes its a shocking messy mop of curly mousy brown hair - but guess what if I had added a few bits of grey I could find anyone who knowe me to testify that it is not far of my own hair!

Of course my facial features are not quite so plain!

Hey look at this -- this is the year I cut it myself and I am a bit cock eyed!