Thursday, 1 January 2015

January is Creativity Month

Well! Happy New Year – we have made it to 2015. I wish you well and may your year be full of blessings.


As this year has started I have found myself researching days and months and celebrations. I have always enjoyed these sort of things so now is the time to explore it all a bit more and just see what little gems are out there! Of course I had to start with one that sounds like it represents my own life and work so wholeheartedly. January, The Creativity Month. Yes! At first glance it would seem I have started this one with a blast and have filled my digital hours from the wee hours of this morning with colourful and cute little characters that are in the making for Project Isabella. Today for many people is probably a day off for many but as I got knocked out over the festive period with a stomach flu thing, then I feel I have had a creative drought and needed to slake my thirst literally and figuratively.

So, January is the International Month of Creativity which was founded by Randall Munson.

It is designed as a month to remind individuals and organisations to make the most of the power of creativity. I know in my own home there is clearly going to be a need be some creativity in finding places for my daughters new possessions without the house reacting something like my own body did over Christmas!

For organisations it’s a superb time to have a period of reassessment as this may be the longest period teams have been away from one another over the whole calendar and the distance can help where creativity is concerned. Hopefully on return to business there should be still a smattering of Good Will and most promisingly that new exercise book feeling you had at school – a great time for some fresh thinking and creative ideas to get a look in. 

So for Project Isabella and myself as The Graphic Overlord what do I take from this? Clearly in actually creating and creativity terms, myself and the purr of hard drives here can confirm then I honestly do not stop! But I think the idea is greater than that and this Month of Creativity is about creative thinking and I really do need to make some commitment to one particular aspect of business. Creative thinking needs to be applied to sourcing and working alongside a team to market Graphics For Schools that is a service at Project Isabella.  So that’s a resolution of sorts from me!

How do you think you will take advantage of International Creativity Month to refocus your attention to creatively improve your business and personal activities?