Tuesday, 2 October 2012

An embryonic business for me

Owly Images

Yesterday I trotted off with a concept for starting a new business. I presented it to an enterprise scheme and have been invited to develop my business plan. I will have a mentor! Woohoo that is good. The picture above is involved to some extent and once I have worked out a way to describe the concept of the business without sounding a complete and utter fool then I will be doing that here.

Any where near Heaton on Saturday 6th October?

BiographyThis will definitely be an evening worth attending. Holy Moly and the Crackers are a great band and you should make the time to go and see them. Be good to yourself! Holy Moly and the Cracker biography -
“I should explain to your Lordship what is meant by Crackers … they are a lawless set of rascals on the frontiers of Virginia, Maryland, the Carolinas, and Georgia, who often change their places of abode”
A letter to the Earl of Dartmouth, 18th century

Monday, 10 September 2012

Height of Giraffe Creativity

I have a new project on to do with names and it all happens over at Name of Isabella. Today I included a post regarding the birth of a baby giraffe and then I got creative and knocked up some T shirts in honour of the wee gangly soul. Thought I'd mention them over here - I have a few other emotions to test out on the little character.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Swirling Blue Nebula iphone and ipod case

Swirling Blue Nebula iphone and ipod Case now available from £20.42 You can buy this worldwide in the following styles: 

  • iPod Touch 4G Capsule
  • iPhone 3GS Capsule
  • iPhone 4S/4 Capsule
  • iPhone 4S/4 Deflector

I've made the decision to release the wallpapers patterns that were part of a 15 set throughout September as an iphone and ipad case and this is how Swirling Blue Nebula has turned out - don't forget you can download the matching wallpaper.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Day 3 - Freebie Wallpapers all Sizes. Is it A Crazy Alloy?

It's the third giveway making this Day 3. Today's wallpaper I have called Is It a Crazy Alloy? I didn't put any out yesterday as I discovered that the list of dimensions I have needed to be extended, tomorrow all the renders should be done and all wallpapers should then be available in over 30 different sizes to suit all devices.

Creative Commons Licence
Is It a Crazy Alloy? by Kay Patterson is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Go To the Bethnal Green Working Mens Club on Friday 28th September

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Day 2 - Freebie Wallpapers all Sizes. Tribute To Peacocks.

Day 2 Wallpaper Giveaway
Yesterday I kicked off a batch of downloads of free wallpapers that are configured to work with a whole variety of screen size. Yesterday I started things off with something I like to call a Swirling Blue Nebula and today I am going to continue with another full screen pattern batch.

Creative Commons Licence
Tribute To Peacocks by Kay Patterson is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Day 1 - Freebie Wallpapers all Sizes. Swirling Blue Nebula

Day 1 Wallpaper Giveaway

So yesterday I gave away a free follow me football, today I thought we should carry on with some more rampant generosity. I could say in deference to the follow me football that today I am going to kick off a  15 day spree of High Definition, good quality crafted wallpaper that is sized for many devices.
Today then would be day one of the wallpaper giveaway and this one I'd like to call Swirling Blue Nebula

Creative Commons Licence

Swirling Blue Nebula by Kay Patterson is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Swirling Blue Nebula is a glossy, luscious image and should make any device look stunning.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Today I crafted a Follow Me Football–download it for free.

This is a Follow Me Football which I have created – if you want to use it then you can, feel free to copy the image and use it to link to your twitter account on your own blog or website.
Let me know where you have put it I’d love to see the Follow Me Football get out and about.

Monday, 3 September 2012

I’ve Abandoning Dynamic Views for Blogger

I was briefly tempted to have a dalliance with dynamic views for blogger and I did turn it on for a while. However I made the decision that it had to go. I have changed for now to a template for blogger that I’ve made myself and uploaded – this template at the moment is a bit basic and I will be working on improving that but at least I feel I have a little more control over the layout and being confident on how each user is going to view my blog.

Friday, 27 July 2012

An update on artists – Holy Moly and The Crackers.

I have to admit it’s been great following the early career of Holy Moly and The Crackers and never have I been more grateful to social media and the internet for enabling me to keep up to date with what is going on.
Earlier this year Holy Moly and The Crackers were in a competition run by Supajam to play at the Hop Farm Festival. Anyway to cut a long story they won and they went and they played.
Supajam have now published their follow up interviews of the band after the festival and you can follow that below.
Hop Farm 2012-- How was it for you... Holy Moly & The Crackers | SupaJam / Blogs
Here is a little quote from the Supajam site to get you started

Hop Farm 2012-- How was it for you... Holy Moly & The Crackers

So another Hop Farm Festival is done and dusted, but a fleeting memory of sunshine, laughter, cider and the gleam off Peter Gabriel's shiny dome.
As ever SupaJam were proud to send a whole host of acts to the festival, where they delighted crowds with some sheer musical wizardry. We thought we'd catch up with the bands and see just how it was for them.. Here's what they had to say...
Holy Moly & The Crackers

Hop Farm 2012-- How was it for you... Holy Moly & The Crackers | SupaJam / Blogs
If you wish to follow what Holy Moly and the Crackers are up to you can
Like them on Facebook
Follow them on Twitter @HolyMolyHolyMol
Do what ever it is you do on MySpace
Buy their album here
Download tracks and album here
So what is my association with this lot then? Well I’m just proud of my niece Ruth (Conrad is fab too and our family think he’s the bees knees*!x) and I love the music that they are creating as a band. It’s been a joy to watch and listen to them developing their style and their musical career. Hoping they have a fabulous summer after the launch of their first album – First Avenue.
Good Work Holy Moly and the Crackers – keep it up and try and get some more gigs going in York. x
* Disclaimer – just felt like it was a good day to say Bees Knees!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

100th Post–and its a Fantastic Competition!

New ways to enter our Big Web Designer Bundle contest!
Hello – yeah I’ve had one of those down times, I need to catch up on a bit of documenting on recent creativity. In the meantime however I was alerted to this competition with a great prize.
That would give anyone the chance to get creative online! Get Entered and Good Luck – and if not then keep your fingers crossed for me! xx I’ll be back soon.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Mums Deserve A Treat. Win A £50 Voucher From Experience Days.

Have you got the January blues? Fancy a treat but finances are tight? Have I got very good news for you?

The lovely people at Experience Days have kindly given us a £50 gift voucher as a competition prize for one lucky reader.
The lucky winner will be able to redeem it against any of the gift experiences on the Experience Days website which we encourage you to visit right now. http://www.experiencedays.co.uk/
There are countless options on the Experience Days website from pampering days to theatre trips and so very much more. Do go and see what you fancy as there is something for the foodie, the sporty type and the risk-taker. With Valentines Day round the corner, there are special days for couples too.
Prices vary but there are lovely ones that come in under £50 so you really could have a free experience of a lifetime.
photoMums Deserve A Treat. Win A £50 Voucher From Experience Days. | Kate on Thin Ice And Groovy Mums
So the challenge from Kate on here was to mention ways in which you are changing your life. Well that is quite appropriate for me at the moment.
I’ve just started plotting and accounting for the things I enjoy and those I avoid. It’s only been a few days but strangely I find some small buzz in attending to the tasks and ticking or counting them off. So my app of choice for this has been TraxItall.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Been creating in an up cycling type way.

Today has seen the first stage of my new box project completed. This will be easier when my glue gun arrives. I'd also like some bronze paints and black and antique gold. Blurt has been trying to make the paper tubes like I have been doing at quiet points in the evenings but she is getting frustrated as it must be a lot harder than I have been making it look! I don't suppose trying to watch James Bond at the same time helps her. Any way here is a glimpse of my first test creation.