Thursday, 28 February 2008

Ooh Betty in oil Pastels

I cut loose with the graphics tablet tonight. Betty has been cast in Oil Pastels.

Squiffy eyes and the floor is too clean.

The larger render of Ooh Betty what have you stood in was finally completed while I was out at work. You can take a look at that in the gallery at artzone I have also commented there on how her eyes aren't looking in the right place and the floor is too clean. So I will have to work some more on that one. Going to give my graphics pad a rub off now and get to work on a painterly portrait. An Ooh Betty portrait.

Oooh Betty - the next installment.

Ooh Betty! What have you stood in?

Here is a small version of the image - I'll load a larger one to a gallery soon - it is still rendering - it has only gone 4% in 2 hours so I shall go sleep now - I may not have altered the posting clock but here it is just past midnight..

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Updated Tarsus The Duddled one at The Railway Child

I have updated my Railway Child Project Blog todaywith news about Tarsus
You can read that here

Ooh Betty - What are you doing out here?

I was realy quite excited on the drive home, as I knew I had left the PC running with render of Betty in the jungle. the previews had looked OK but then it was planning to take several hours to render so that can sometimes be nerve racking. Well anyway to cut the chase here is how it went.
No post work here.

Pretty pleased with how that one has gone. Click on it if you want to see a bigger picture.

Feel free to leave comments.

You can also view this work at the Gallery at

Ooh Betty Project

I commute with a colleague and he has this strange thing that when something alarms him he thinks - and often spontaneously says "Oooh Betty!"

He tried to give it up and stop doing it - but then entered a stage of acceptance.

It was my idea that I should create for him a Betty - so he had a picture of her.

Quite honestly at the moment I am learning my craft and I grab any opportunity to produce a piece that has a mission and so his Birthday is coming up mid March and I thought I'd produce my Ooh Betty Collection.

This is the first image.

As this blog is starting with this project then I figured I'd borrow her for my profile pic too!

I went to work today with another pic rendering - hope that turns out OK. I'll keep that posted.

You can alos follow this pic submitted to artzone here

Monday, 25 February 2008