Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Hills for making curvy landscape - free stencils for artrage.

OK! It's hill night tonight - and I'll sort the skys to go on tomorrow. I have a few basic hills which Blurt really loves using - they are quite not at all realistic but they do creates good effects. Don't forget that each one can be flipped horizontally or turned upside down and inverted to multiply their use. Try layering them and sizing them up or down to get different looks.. Blurt used them as a sea scape once and as a snow scene - they actually looked really good on a snowy scene, the smoothness really helped. Please forgive my rather garbled English tonight I am amazingly tired and the exhaustion appears to be attacking my language and typing centre first. Here are the hills. I'll knock out some more realistic ones at the weekend -- you know craggy and all that but for now here are good round comfortable smooth hills. Like pillows and duvets -- zzz Oops.