Saturday, 22 March 2008

My easter slightly messed up by trip to casualty

I had intended to set off super early for work on Good Friday - so I could get in and get out home again as early as possible. This was going to consist of a drive in at 4am after walking the dog. However my gall bladder was against the idea and I had a terrible night of quite irksome pain so I had to get friends up to take molly in and I had to get Blue up to take me to hospital - the doctors after poking me said they needed to admit me. So I stayed the rest of the morning at the hospital but when I realised that no treatment other than not eating was on the absent menu due to the Easter holidays I discharged myself Friday nigh to play computer games and be spoilt at home. Anyway I survived that and now I will need to get to my doctors this week and sort out some scans and things for gall stones. So today I am again messing with hair in Carrara - I am playing with gravity at the moment. The way I have done it seems particularly slow - probably doing it wrong - but it did give me this chance to write a little here. I have submitted my first competition entry for hair but I may go back and improve on it. See how gravity and so on takes me.