Friday, 18 April 2008

Wednesday Home Day was colourful

I don't go to work on Wednesdays -- normally Blurt and I trot off for a swimming lesson. This week we met Blue after swimming and had some lunch with him.

When Blurt and I got home we attended to a little creativity and messiness -- she used poster colours -- pretty much everywhere and I messed up my own materials and applied them - then I got busy on clothes and hair for two new characters I have called the Chromatic Twins.

I really enjoyed this!

Can you tell?

Gosh I love those shoes - click on the image to get a close view.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

neat numbers are great!

hit a thousand on my artzone hits -- its a great site for artists read more | digg story

Remembering Ollie Johnston (1912 - 2008)

Jim Hill asks you to remember this remarkable individual. Who passed away in Washington State earlier today

read more | digg story

Monday, 14 April 2008

Waiting for the results from 3 art competitions.

I am at the moment wiating for the results of 3 art competitions.

The results of 2 will be announced today - I really enjoyed them and
learned so much by taking part so I am already a complete winner.

BUT - sometimes it is nice to win something.

AND I will find out what is available to take part in next -- which is
always fun.

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Oh dear how many penultimates

I had thought it was going to be four but I elongated the last two for better pics and more drama so there is now five pages in total.

Penultimate page of competition comic

This is the one before last!

It could of course go on for ever but for the purpose of the competition I must bring this series to an end so i can go and get on with the Vue Competition.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

My Daz Comic Strip - for the Artzone Competition.

Another competition I have been enjoying with Artzone.

Here are the first 2 pages

Click the images to view

If you need an insight into some of the comments then do ask and all will be revealed.

More to come tonight and tomorrow.

Competition closes Friday night I think.

Monday, 7 April 2008

Introducing Spikey of the Spikey Project

This is The Spikey Object of the Spikey Project. Please do click it for a closer look.

I am intending to take this object on all sort of adventures through all the software that I use to create my art. There will be some lateral thinking and some fun and a lot of learning for me I hope.

It will be good if I create some interesting pictures on the way too.

This should be the last time I put a man in a dress.

Felt poorly on Sunday -- and in my weakness I couldn't resist the urge to create another entry for the latest competition at Artzone.

This should be my last as I need to focus on my cartoon entry and my Vue Picture for the competititon in the Vue 6 a New Dawn Group

Friday, 4 April 2008

Another chap in a dress

In the spirit of competition at Artzone of Daz3d I rendered another image for the dress challenge.

Dress was retextured and fluff was added using Carrara.

I seem to be getting to grips with the software now.

The illustrate a story competition results.

I can't believe I didn't announce this earlier.

This was the picture

I chose to illustrate the opening scene of My Bunny True Love beautifully written by bridgeport8

One bright morning, a merry bluebird asked Saffron, "Why are you so sad?"

Saffron slowly looked up at the bluebird and rolled onto his back with paws in the air as if he were dying and answered, "I am sick. So sick, that soon I fear I will be dead"

The pic got an honourable mention in the competition - which I was really pleased about. The winning pics were stunners and the other honorable mentions were ones I was very proud to be included with. I enjoyed myself and learned a lot.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Speaking of men dressed in ladies clothes!

Yes - indeed! Speaking of men in ladies clothes (see last post) I have this week contacted some amateur dramatic groups in order to begin expanding my portfolio of work.

I am really excited to see what will become of that.

Men in frocks. A new challenge at Daz Artzone

Daz pulled an April Fool stunt that tied in with a dress for the male Morphed Victoria.

I dismissed the idea for the first 10 minutes after viewing it and then couldn't resist downloading the free morphs for popular new V4.2 dress - one of which I do own.

So then it was play time -- a simple task yet srangely compelling and such good fun.

I have entered 2 men with their new frocks -- you can enter a multiple of times and I do have a couple more in mind where I will be doing my fur/hair thing to the garment to add a bit of pizzazz.

I'd also like to get him out and about and into a Vue scene - because I think as I said in a previous post I am missing using it.