Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Day 8 My favourite quote and why? @_PVBOnline Daily Challenge

My favourite quote is Farmer Mr Hogget in the film ‘Babe’ saying, “That will do pig, that’ll do”. There are so many reasons why this is a favourite. There maybe some spoiler alerts if you haven't watched it – and if you haven't go and do it and then come back. Smile
1. Babe the piglet has just accomplished a task rare and precious. To achieve that he needed the backing of a character that hated him (the male sheep dog) – he got it in the end, by being himself.
2. To accomplish the task of winning the show he need some insider secrets and he got these from the sheep. He got the secret because they had learned to trust him due to to the time he had acted to protect them.
3. Babe accomplished something unique and was willing to be laughed at in order to prove himself.
4. Farmer Hogget danced for that pig and that moved me so much I well up when I think of it.
5. Babe faced the complete truth about himself and his place in the world, admittedly at first he was depressed but with some encouragement and some dancing from someone who cared he rallies round.
So many lessons for life about friendship, trust, faith in one another, acceptance, and the need to encourage are all rammed in this closing sentence – “That'll do pig.”
On that note I’ll also share one of my new pig graphics, these have not been uploaded to Project Isabella yet but this is one of my many - It’s a Kind of Paisley Pig.paisley1piglet