Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Day 9 Outfit of the day. What are you wearing today? @_PVBOnline

Well I work in a workshop so today I was wearing overalls, hard hat and goggles. I don’t like the boots – they rub so I go bare foot.

Actually this blog post title sounds so much like some rather odd calls I’ve been receiving lately that ask the same thing.

Project Isabella Graphic Workshop is in my home and some days I do dress up for it because I like it. Sometimes a ball gown and a trench coat other times my overalls.

I never wear hi-viz though that would be just silly – no one to see me!

I also like to answer the door with a running chain saw in my hand  – it keeps people guessing on what the hell goes on in here and keeps the post man polite when there are customs charges.

Some of this is true – it’s up to you to decide which bits!