Monday, 8 July 2013

Day 7–Goals for the next 6 month– Daily Challenge @_PVBOnline

So it’s a week since the start of the daily challenges began and it’s been such a busy week.

I do have goals for the next 6 months and I’ve made a solid start at achieving them over the last couple of days.

This is one of my goals.

By the New Year which will be the six month marker I want to have made 12 business art collaborations with Handmade Jewellery makers.

I am just working on the first one and bedding the method in to which I will be working to and next week should see the full launch.

I also have another service to do with handmade dolls and toys that I need to map out and pitch to the appropriate clients.

This is a short one again to today as I am working hard to get the first kit ready.