Saturday, 8 September 2012

Day 3 - Freebie Wallpapers all Sizes. Is it A Crazy Alloy?

It's the third giveway making this Day 3. Today's wallpaper I have called Is It a Crazy Alloy? I didn't put any out yesterday as I discovered that the list of dimensions I have needed to be extended, tomorrow all the renders should be done and all wallpapers should then be available in over 30 different sizes to suit all devices.

Creative Commons Licence
Is It a Crazy Alloy? by Kay Patterson is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Today’s free wallpaper download is called Is it A Crazy Alloy? It's not a great name I guess. Can you suggest a better one? This wallpaper consists of a shiny silver toned metal wreath.
On the wider wallpaper there is space for icons to be placed- which I like to do. I find it a bit messy if I don't have some clear space to drop my latest to hand tasks and programs. These wallpapers have been rendered to each of the below sizes so you can be confident in their quality. The dimensions on these will effect the pattern of the shiny silver thing.
I’m classing this as a September give away because I am fond of the month of September and will over the course of this month put out 15 sets of these. In the start of October I will package them all up in their size bundles and place them for download as a full packs.
Widescreen (16:10):  2560x1600 |  1920x1200 |  1680x1050 |  1440x900 |  1280x800
Fullscreen (4:3):  1600x1200 |  1400x1050 |  1280x960 |  1024x768
Fullscreen(5:4):  1280x1024
HDTV(16:9):  2560x1440 |  1920x1080 |  1600x900 |  1366x768 |  1280x720
Netbook&Mobile:  1024x1024 |  640x960 |  1024x600 |  800x600 |  800x480 |  960x854 |  640x480


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