Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Time appears to pass in disordered junks!

Having realised I have not managed to maintain a solid grasp of blogging I have put five minutes thought into that today. Well! I say 5 minutes but who the hell knows how long really as time seems to flop and flimsy past not only at an alarming rate but for me also on a wobbly path! I put something down to pick up again because I’m not an octopus and then I blink, turn round and nearly a week or more has gone past!
I’m not enjoying this erratic passage of time at all! In myself I am happy and content overweight but generally healthy, I believe. However I find that my perception of time and my way of organising it is to say the least sorrowful.
I thought things would get better after the summer holidays and Blurt back at school etc. but the time disrupter is certainly myself and not those around me who are all fairly functional.
So I will need to do a bit of research into managing time and by this I don’t mean squeezing things effectively into time slots as we normally think of time management but more giving myself the skill to feel time as it really is.
I am also hoping that if I get a grip on this and don’t feel quite so punch drunk then my creativity may find a boost. As things are at the moment I can feel the ideas and inspiration but I can’t focus long enough to even make a healthy start on things never mind make completion.
So a little bit of research and grab the situation and take control of it rather than just be bashed up by it all may be what has to take place.