Thursday, 8 September 2011

Taking Control of Time

cat63I was mulling over yesterday that things had started to spiral out of control in regards to time and tasks. This involves not only work related tasks but also family matters, housework and just sort of everything really. I think it hit its true full potential last night when I ended up exhausted in bed but with a severe inability to sleep. This in itself wasn’t unusual – hey it happens especially when you think you have had an awesome idea.
I did fear that at some point today I may just find the time to curl up and rest but fortunately I did not succumb to a nap or downtime and ploughed on. The good thing about this is that it will start to correct a body clock that went a bit amiss on a holiday before Bank Holiday and a change in work patterns etc.

So anyway, I’m tired, rambling and a bit groggy but pleased that I can feel the end of the weird time shifts may be approaching.
You may be thinking that it is distinctly odd that someone who claims they are losing time is sat down now writing a blog and not actually attending to the things that need doing! Potentially this is a good point but I am not claiming my Time Management in itself is dire but that there is a mental wobble going on where time itself is concerned! So in fact just sitting down addressing the matter and acknowledging and hoping to set real actions and targets to attempt to improve the matter in itself is extremely beneficial.
I will be leaving it until the morning to take action on my Eureka moment that occurred last night which had me quite giddy. It will involve a little expenditure and it is always wise to wait until a good nights sleep and a little calmness before acting on these things.
So until morning I am going to get some sensible food and simple tasks achieved including some huddling on settee in good company! Ahhh! Until then.