Wednesday, 19 May 2010

It’s been exciting so far. And very creative.

I quit my job to work for myself. My last day in my old job was 2 weeks ago today. So tomorrow will mark the start of my third week (eek time flies!) working for myself.

In that short space of time I have had creative opportunities that have staggered and inspired so I am delighted with that.

I have also been applying conscious effort to work more productively and efficiently in order to maximise the time I have available. I am sure it is something we all need to dedicate conscious effort to repeatedly.

For me one of my biggest failings is my emotional response to hurdles or hindrances and putting time aside to practice calm and positive responses instead of adopting a scared rabbit or hedgehog approach will be helpful not only for me but for my family, business success and clients.

I haven’t had any time to paint and draw in the last week – or should I say I haven’t put aside time to paint and draw – however as I said I think my creative side is skipping with joy with many of my work related tasks. Indeed there is a LOT of 3D work scheduled as one of my clients projects and I am thrilled.

So to share my hope I’d like to share a sunrise. I’d like to make each new day a new start with fresh hopes and enthusiasm. xx

A new hope each morning