Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Introducing myself. Day 1–Blog Everyday Challenge

Slinging myself into a challenge set by PVBOnline


Here are the links to the blog posts of Day 1 of the PVBBlogs Challenge. Please do take a look at each others and follow, doing this challenge together will keep everyone motivated and hopefully discover new and interesting blogs!
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PVB – Blogs

I must say it was maybe a mistake to go and look at the other blogs before I sat down to start my challenge – it’s not a competition but .. the bar has been set – they are a lovely mix of brand new starts and established blogs and I am looking forward to reading them as we go through the challenge. I’m a bit of a late starter and it would be good to have a couple more too I’m sure.

Well the challenge was set with tasks so I better get on with it.


Day 1 (2nd of July) Introduce yourself.
Who are you? Why would you like to start blogging? What are your hobbies? What do you love? What do you hate?

Having a certain amount of training in philosophy and psychology I could go mad and spend a lifetime answering that first question. It’s perhaps a question we need to ask ourselves on a regular basis and just check our actions and activities suit that person. When the two are at odds then that is where unhappiness thrives.

Who am I?

I am Kay, I live in a Georgian Market Town just North of York. I have a daughter who is 8 and is great. I did have pets and I seem to attract the crazy ones, like people, but the pets are all moved on to their respective next worlds – so it is just me and my gal that form the basis of this household.

Put like that it sounds quite quiet doesn’t it?– even lonely, but it’s not, I rarely just cook for us and I have others that are here a lot – but that doesn’t answer who I am so I’ll leave them in the background.

I am creative, noisy, sing stupid songs when I’m cleaning, problem solver, a smiler, love business to be fair and supportive, I try hard and mean well.

Why would I like to start blogging?

I never meant to stop – I trotted off for what I thought was a few days to get started on a new business adventure at and then in a pause realised that months had shot past. That happens. I am looking forward to this challenge, it kind of feels like a bit of selfish me time, and I think I need that, things have been really busy.

What are my hobbies?

I have never really had hobbies, I am an all or nothing sort of person. I may be wrong but a hobbie to me sounds like something you do in your spare time, something you can pick up and more importantly let go of to get on with the rest of your life. I find that hard – I pick things up and if I enjoy doing it I won’t let go, it well and truly gets embedded in my life.

I don’t have hobbies I have all consuming passions. I don’t have hobbies I have interests that wake me in the night and cause me to sneak downstairs and work on it until dawn.

So these things at the moment are, 3D art work, creating digital brushes, creating patterns. It’s been that way for a lot of years now. Project Isabella – is my way of being able to do my so called hobbies and not have to put them down. This aligns who I am with my actions and activities and this staves off unhappiness.

What do I love?

My daughter, my quiet man, my friends. I love symmetry, I love balance, I love the unlikely winners, I love rain, I love bridges

What do I hate?

Not going to elaborate on these as it would be better for me if they just weren’t there.

Slugs, Jazz.