Thursday, 4 July 2013

Day 3 Tell us about a happy memory

At the moment I am attending to my 30 day blog challenge set by PVB.  I scanned the list when I first considered doing this challenge and this particular post title leapt out at me as one I would sort of avoid!  It is actually one subject out of all of the others that I think will make me sound the most odd. Not that I mind being odd as such but I don’t know really whether I should go around blowing the odd trumpet, banging the odd drum, tooting the odd horn, shaking my odd maracas, strumming my odd guitar…..

Strumming my odd guitar

Somebody stop me I think I am having a mariachi meltdown trying to wriggle out of writing this post! 

OK here goes..

A happy recent memory for me goes like this.  Scene setting, I’m sat next to my Quiet Man on the sofa.

I say, “I’ve got some triple chocolate cookies, shall we have them now?”


I suggest,  “Would you like a glass of milk with them?”


I get the Milk and Cookies. We eat the Milk and Cookies. And there you have a complete happy moment.

Doesn’t seem like much does it? I probably need to explain. Milk and Cookies has balance, they belong together and being allowed to share and serve something that fits together so well has me feeling like skipping.

This exchange and the ensuing Milk and Cookies honestly brought me great joy! I still feel glad thinking about it. It’s getting the simple things just right that make happy memories for me. It’s a computer batch file or programming routine that blink up that it has completed with no errors. It’s a hair shader in your 3d program that gets the curl right.  It’s finding that you do own some underwear that matches and fits. Do you remember the old “Happiness is … “ cards and illustrations, they were the Charles M Shultz peanuts characters. They were things like “Happiness is .. a draw full of warm socks.” They were never the big things.

So Happiness for me is stock piling and gathering all the little shiny moments and images and storing them up inside me. They are generally not truly dependent on other people either which means I get to keep these bits of happiness forever despite what happens to other people.

I hope declaring this hasn’t made me sound too odd to handle but it may help explain why I often trot about grinning and with a spring in my step.

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Happiness is sponsoring the #GBHour