Saturday, 13 July 2013

Day 12 Create something. Take photos and show us what you have created. @_PVBOnline Daily Blog

Today is about creating so I could have cheated and just pointed at nearly every product I have on my website as many of them include pictures and they state how it’s done. I haven’t done that though and it was out with the scissor’s, glue and child. It’s no good doing clever crafts and not sharing them with your child, that is part of the fun.

So I started with a new digital scrapbooking kit that I am making in collaboration with @babylonblu who makes jewellery. I mentioned in a post last week that I had managed to forge business connections on twitter and the work had been progressing nicely and today marked the day I wanted to do some prototype boxes from the kit that has been put together with @babylonblu.

So I opened up my BabylonBlu mixed kit (to be released soon) in Serif CraftArtist. then I opened a box template.

I used some of the backgrounds and embellishments to start making some box designs. With a kit like this you could honestly hand the controls to a drunk, colour-blind chimp and the chances are they would make something appealing. Its a case of drag and drop and woop de doop.

Yeah that’s not describing it very well is it. When I haven’t got everyone here I will be adding some videos on my YouTube channel that shows how that goes. In the meantime have a sneaky look in the kit.

Snap_2013.07.13 17.08.10_003Snap_2013.07.13 17.08.41_005Snap_2013.07.13 17.07.50_002

Then it was off to the printer (trot over to another desk) with the designs. After that I went shopping and left Blurt to do the cutting out and folding. I reappeared having foraged locally and stuck them together.

Ta-da 3 Prototype Boxes.

photo boxes