Friday, 12 July 2013

Day 11–Funniest Moment Ever–Daily Blog Challenge with @_PVBOnline


I’m just not feeling the funny today – I feel rather tired and a tad burnt out – it’s probably a touch of the creator blues – its a natural ebb and flow that has to happen when you use creative power.


You can’t have that much energy and enthusiasm without a little lag. I have learned to handle that now and have a few hours wallowing and and getting cosy to reenergise. If you do not accept this flow you will suffer big fallout at a later point.


I nearly tried to wriggle out of blogging – but no I’m too stubborn. However I am going to cheat because thinking of me laughing when I have these type of blues actually make me sadder so I will recall the times that my friends persecute me, this somehow I find warms me more.thumb_94_toy_quilt_elephant

We know that some great heroes have their fatal weakness – like superman and kryptonite – well I have a couple of words that if anyone says them I am nearly sick right there and then. I have to use all my powers of mind to prevent this. My mind control methods consist of thinking “fluffy bunnies, fluffy bunnies, fluffy bunnies” rapidly and that stops other things getting in.

If someone decides to use the words – which I am obviously not going to publish – as a cruel weapon then they may repeat them – this then requires that my fluffy bunny action in my mind has to be reinforced with some hand action above the head, to represent bunny ears – I may even wiggle them!

So that’s what happens, occasionally when my friends have run out of other people to persecute, I get it, which results in them crying with laughter and me chanting fluffy bunnies and doing ears.

This may seem harsh but my friends are also utterly ridiculous at times and this has me in stiches – it’s one of the things that friends are for.

OK – time to get the cocoa on and put on a pretty frock for no reason at all – it’s time to be blue – in the morning I’ll bounce back and be as chirpy as ever.

See you then!