Sunday, 4 January 2009

Today I am going to be giving away Free artrage stencils.

And shall probably carry on doing so for quite some time.
For those of you who don't know artrage is a lovely focused painting software that is deliciously affordable. You can download a free version which has enough to use and enough not available without paying to entice you to part with some hard earned money and upgrade.
I love artrage and Blurt adores it we often sit side by side at our PCs merrily digital painting. Blue does real painting with her so she gets the best of both.
Stencils are fab and it does come with a great selection but it is always good to have more.
So here we start with some free trees right click on the trees and download - put them in the resource stencil area of your Ambient Design Program install and away you go.
Here is a tree I painted using this stencil.  Don't forget you can flip the tree to add a bit more variety. I might do some more of these.
Wax crayons - sweet and so simple.
Please leave a comment if you download and use.  Have Fun!