Friday, 11 July 2008

It's been a tough tough week

It really has been -- I have had everyone I distributed my CV to go silent which is sort of soul destroying worrying and annoying all at the same time -- I thought of rebranding it as a method to cease communication - could have been handy - but then the responses started happening and now I have a further inteview for a place I had a look around on Wednesday so that is good -- and apparently they looked at the CV too - so I don't have to worry about them finding that and then going silent on me! However yesterday was probably the worst day I have had for at least a decade - Hound -- my Ford dog had to be put down and I miss him so much. He was pretty well and active all the way up until Wednesday night - even though he was getting old and quite slow. We took him for his photos in a dog photo competition last Sunday and we have to go back and choose the photos to go through to the competition this Sunday and buy any we want -- I'll put a pic up soon of him because he was truly a fabulous friend and dog and I have many happy memories of him. Sadly though today I still feel a bit shook up and empty but I must press on so I will go and iron my clothes and put some makeup on so I can face an interview properly. I have a picture I have been working on called sadness - at this stage it looks like the one I put in up there.