Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Ooh Betty Project

I commute with a colleague and he has this strange thing that when something alarms him he thinks - and often spontaneously says "Oooh Betty!"

He tried to give it up and stop doing it - but then entered a stage of acceptance.

It was my idea that I should create for him a Betty - so he had a picture of her.

Quite honestly at the moment I am learning my craft and I grab any opportunity to produce a piece that has a mission and so his Birthday is coming up mid March and I thought I'd produce my Ooh Betty Collection.

This is the first image.

As this blog is starting with this project then I figured I'd borrow her for my profile pic too!

I went to work today with another pic rendering - hope that turns out OK. I'll keep that posted.

You can alos follow this pic submitted to artzone here