Thursday, 18 July 2013

Day 17 How do you relax and wind down? @_PVBOnline Daily Blog Challenge

I could so easily give the wrong answer here! At first glance it would seem that creating graphics and fiddling about re-skinning 3D models would be the thing to state. Others around me may even suggest that too. I often get part way through the week and after having a hard slog at the social media, SEO, the website, setting up databases to carry out repetitive tasks I will state out loud – “I’m going to have to make something or I will go crackers!” Then I do that and I feel better. But that isn’t winding down and relaxing that is just getting rid of the anxiety of the fact that I haven’t got to the favourite part of my job.
When you are setting up a new business there is a ridiculous amount of things to tackle, learn and slog through. If you don’t know how you tick and how to do that vital winding down you will burn out rather rapidly. It’s good to know yourself and be honest about it if you are your own boss.
I do feel a great sense of soothing through My Quiet Man, he rarely speaks so he does not aggravate and more than that, where I am fidgety and flamboyant, even flappy (despite actually not wanting to be any of these things) he is peaceful, quiet and calm. His very presence serves as a wonderful salve to my flighty spirit and that is great, however for self preservation I cannot claim that as my answer. I don’t think it is wise to pin a basic life necessity on another person, find them in yourself no one can take them away then!
learningjoylaughterSo to wind down and relax I drink and talk rubbish. I can do this with anyone it doesn’t have to be established friends. Just talk about the big things, the small things, the funny things and do a bit of gentle friendly arguing. Have fun! That’s how I do it.
On the whole this generally happens with friends because they are around you already but as I have said in previous posts I travelled extensively when programming and it was mostly on my own and could be for weeks rather than a weekend. Learning to cope on your own and find social settings that work is a great thing and it has brought me much joy, learning and laughter.
How do you relax and wind down?