Thursday, 18 February 2010

Filter Forge Frenzy

Blue Chicago Skyline
I made a decision this week to start a new blog dedicated to one of my passions. That being Filter Forge. A year ago (not that long ago in my blog timeline but significant in the normal passage of time), I started a rather lengthy post that started like this.
"I’m taking time out today from creating and giving free stencils for Artrage to talk about Filter Forge. I have mentioned it a lot while creating the filters and when I have made up example work. I was introduced to Filter Forge in a very round about way. I am a fan of and I put in request for some training to use Mapzone which is a free filter making tool which is very powerful but has a steep learning curve – so steep in fact that I never really got off the ground with – I may yet push on with that – I don’t like to be beat!"
And that post went on for a significant period (a verbose post because I was excited) with some follow ups. I still use Filter Forge consistently and still with mad enthusiasm. So from now on Filter Forge ramblings will have a special place and I will introduce that tomorrow.
Blue Chicago Skyline was created from a photo using Filter Forge