Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Sunsets and birds free stencils for artrage

I posted last week a few simple sky stencils for artrage. This week I'd like to advance on that with some more intricate sky stencils which can be used as sunsets. Experiment with these to develop interesting texture and don't forget you can invert them to enhance highlights AND you do know you do not have to set out with a simple white piece of paper. Use your layers well and experiment a lot. Also last week I started off a picture using the stylised trees and a sky and the hills - it became clear to me that we needed some birds so as a special sunset treat I have here 3 stencils of birds winging their way home for the evening. These last stencils with the birds on were made using Ron's Brushes Which is a great product and if you need a lot of birds to compliment your outdoor scenes then you will get them here at a very reasonable price.