Friday, 6 February 2009

I have actually shot past my 10 day free artrage stencils

But I have so much more I want to give! So I'll do these today and I'll occasionally drop some more in BUT what I will do is bundle all the free ones I do make into a zip file which I will keep updating and I'll put that in my website at which I have now committed myself to updating properly and that will launch properly on the 1st of March -- I'm going to be looking for articles from my arty network too so do get in touch if you have anything. I have enjoyed making the artrage stencils so much that I am also going to make more and create a paid for version too - with a lot more things in! Of course it will be ridiculously cheap and I'll be running some tutorials on how I made them so you can just get on and make some yourself too! Anyway the day before yesterday I hinted at the 8 legged folks and some more interesting lights beams so I'll pop these up now. oooh AND spider webs!